Hotel Near Rohtang Pass Manali । Nearest Hotel to Rohtang Pass

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We will tell you in this Article about the hotels which are closer to Rohtang Pass (the Nearest Hotel to Rohtang Pass) Manali. There are a Several Hotels in Manali but closest hotel to the Rohtang are 40 Km Minimum Distance from Rohtang Pass. This is also a Cottage or Home stay not a hotel. If you are looking for the hotel.

The Famous and Best hotels are 50 Km from the Rohtang Pass. You can & we can say Rohtang Pass is 50 km Far or near to all Manali best and good hotels Like place Shanag Old Manali, Vashishat etc.

The all hotel situated near the Mall Road Manali (new Manali) & old Manali, Vashishat, Shanag, Nehru Kund, are very Expensive hotels. They are costlier to the other outside Manali hotels.

Cheaper hotels in manali are located in the Kullu Nagar side and 5 Km Distance form Mall Road.

If you want cheaper hotel in Manali and Taxi for the Rohtang Pass and Local Tour Packages, we will provide you.

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