HP Govt is now changing TGT recruitment rules after eight years in Himachal Pradesh

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TGT R&P Recruitment & Promotion rules are being changed in Himachal Pradesh after eight years. Apart from under graduation, now those who get 50% marks in post graduation will also be eligible for recruitment of TGT. Now in graduation 50% Marks is not Compulsory for the TGT recruitment.

Under the current (Present) rules, only 50% marks in UG are included in the recruitment. The education department has sent this proposal to the Department of Personal before going to the cabinet.

The proposal will be brought to the proposed cabinet meeting on 24 August as soon as the approval from the Department of Personal. Changing the recruitment rules of TGT, the state government is preparing to implement NCTE rules in the state, as well. TGT’s R&P rules are currently running in the state for the year 2012. The NCTE amended the rules in 2014. In such a situation, the state government is also going to change the TGT rules.

Under the new rules, if a candidate has got 45 percent marks in undergraduate and fifty percent marks in post graduation, then that candidate can also appear in the examination. This change being made by the government will allow thousands of students to participate in TGT recruitment examination. There will be no change in the other rules fixed for TGT recruitment. TET passing and TET is Mandatory.

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