What is Normal Self Financing Seats HP Quata Seat

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In Himachal Pradesh Chaudhary Sawaran Kumar Krishi Vishvidalya Palampur and Dr Ys Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry have three types of seats and Reservations. One is Normal Seats and HP Quata seats second is Self Financing seats third is ICAR/VCI seat.

Normal or HP Quata Seats

These seats are HP Govt Funding seats. In this seat students have some concession on the tuition fee. Like 80 to 90% fee is given and payed by the HP govt. And also reserved for the Bonafide Himachali Students. And Other State Students can apply in the certain Conditions like 8th 10th 12th out of two classes passed from Himachal Pradesh any schools.

In Normal Seats admission both universities conducts the Entrance exam. For the Agriculture Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry and BSc Horticulture BSc Forestry B.tech Biotechnology etc UG and PG Programs.

Normal and HP Quata Seats are filled with the owned Entrance Test Conducted by the both universities.

Self Financing Seats

In this type of seats in Pamlpur Agriculture University and Dr Ys Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Nauni Solan is opened for all India students. And own funding seats. In self Financing seat other state students can also apply and eligible. Self Financing seats tuition fee is high. All admissions fee and tuition fee are payed by student your self and own.

Self Financing seats are filled with the +2 class merit. And these seats are also merit based seats.

ICAR Seat and VCI Seat

ICAR is Indian Council of Agriculture Research seats. These seats are filled by the ICAR University have 15% seats reserved for the ICAR Students. And also 15% for VCI. These seats are also normal and govt funding seats.

You can get admission in the ICAR/VCI seat by the Entrance exam conducted by the ICAR and VCI NEET etc.

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